Pink Sabre 120 dB personal alarm

Pink Sabre 120 dB personal alarm

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A light and easy to conceal personal alarm that can be carried on a set of keys, purse, handbag or in-hand. It is weather and shock resistant and emits a piercing sound when the keyring is detached from the alarm. This sound can scare off attackers and notify others that you’re in trouble. Can also be used to ward off animal attacks, as a notification system for those with medical conditions and as an general personal safety tool.

Who should buy this product:

  • Primary and high school children who can be taught how to use the personal alarm, especially those who walk to and from school or use a bus or taxi
  • Women and men who work on construction sites and in empty buildings
  • Cyclists, hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts
  • People who run, jog or walk outdoors for exercise
  • Anyone who may need to ward off a dog, cattle or wild animal
  • Children and adults with medical conditions
  • People who live alone within close proximity to other households (such as flats and townhouses)
  • Anyone who wants to improve their personal safety and peace of mind

Features and uses of this personal alarm:

  • They are light and easy to carry and conceal
  • Sounds a 120 Db alarm
  • Requires 4Xlr44 batteries which are included
  • It’s weather and shock resistant
  • Battery can last a few years if unused
  • Siren will last for about 30 minutes
  • Ideal for alerting people that you are in trouble in public places or anywhere where others may hear
  • Can be used to scare of animals including to ward off dog attacks
  • May be used to help alert people you need help if you suffer from a medical condition
  • Can be used as an anti-rape or kidnapping device
  • Can be sounded to warn neighbors and scare off anyone trying to break into your house (as a make-shift alternative to an actual alarm system)
  • Can be used as a trip wire or anti handbag theft device